Charlotte Wong



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Growing up in Davidson NC, my parents purchased an early 1900s estate. They spent a year (or two or three) turning this property into our family home and a town icon. I remember the process so vividly, and how incredible the transformation was. Keeping the older charm with fresh modern updates. I loved showing off the before and after pictures to all of my friends.

This led into my father, also a real estate agent, buying and fixing up houses around town. At the time I didn’t realize it, but tagging along with him every weekend was actually giving me a keen sense of property awareness and potential value.

Having attended NC State and now living in this town since 2013, I consider myself a vested Durhamite, through renovating my own home in Northgate park, working at Duke University, and being a part of the ever-growing food scene. Seriously, the food in this town is ah-mazing.

I love real estate for many reasons but my favorites are; meeting new people, creating lasting relationships, and helping people confidently buy or sell to continue to grow this community that we all love.

Proud wife and mother of one, you can find us strolling the farmers market on Saturdays, attending Durham Bulls baseball games, helping on local farms, and riding bikes downtown.

College– NC State
Hometown-Davidson NC
Favorite food– uhhh, everything? But if I have to choose, Gocciolina’s Amatriciana,
Favorite Sports Team– Panthers