Adam Dickinson

CEO + Founder

Adam Dickinson | Realty Group in Durham | The Adam Dickinson Group

I’ve been interested in real estate, building and problem solving for as long as I can remember. My Dad built our house in Maine when I was 4 years old. As he was putting on the roof, I climbed up the 30 foot extension ladder to inspect his handiwork. I’m still not afraid of heights, and can tell you with reasonable accuracy, how much life is remaining on a roof. Working with my Dad when I was a teenager gave me the knowledge and confidence to take on many renovation projects of my own once I became a homeowner. His attention to detail and doing quality work for his customers was also pretty formative. My mom was, for a few years, a real estate agent in the Belgrade Lakes region of Maine, and hearing about her experiences around the dinner table helped me understand how hard work and attention to detail is critical if I planned on watching out for my clients interests.

After meeting my future wife and getting a BA in Political Science at Swarthmore College, I went to work at McMaster-Carr, an industrial supply company. Their management development program exposed me to marketing, call center operations, and distribution center operations. Aside from the typical power plants and production lines you would expect a company like that to service, we also sold lots of parts & supplies to cruise lines, Disney properties, and movie sets. Although I once rode along on a delivery to the set of “Gigli” and Matt Damon and Jennifer Lopez saw me across the soundstage at the Philadelphia Naval Yards, I can’t take any credit for inspiring that films commercial success and critical acclaim.

I came to Durham to attend the Fuqua School of Business, where I earned my MBA in 2005.  The “Team Fuqua” approach to business was another major influence on how I work as a real estate agent. Collaboration and team problem solving remain key to my business ethos.

After Fuqua, I worked as a real estate development project manager creating compact, sustainable, walkable mixed use communities. My biggest project was the 100 acre “Village at Hendrix” property built adjacent to the campus of Hendrix College, about 20 minutes from Little Rock, Arkansas. As luck would have it, I worked alongside world-class urban planners, architects, and engineers to help create what hoped to be and has become a vibrant community. Inspired by the use of constructed wetlands I had seen in other neighborhoods and on campus at Duke, I suggested what has become “The Hendrix Creek Preserve.”  This former drainage ditch for about 500 acres of fields, parking lots, strip centers, and light industrial uses was initially slated to be covered in a concrete vault and piped through the neighborhood. Instead, it has become a biologically diverse attribute to the neighborhood, the college, and the wider community, releasing water offsite in much better condition than it arrives.

In 2009, seeking a life with less travel and a career that could take advantage of the perspective and experience on a broad base of real estate knowledge, I was lead into brokerage and into Durham, NC.  That same experience, and a client-first approach has enabled me to serve my clients well, build my reputation as a knowledgeable, patient and ethical advocate for homebuyers and home sellers, and has created a successful real estate team in Durham.

College:  Swarthmore College
Hometown: Farmington, Maine
Favorite Food: Anything I can grill!
Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox & The Durham Bulls